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SpecADVISOR® is an advanced planning platform to organize products and efficiently recall all associated data points.  The options for planning and tracking are endless and customizable allowing you to build your interface in the best way to suit your needs during planning, procurement, and installation phases.  It leverages the capabilities of 3D BIM software to aid in the placement and maintaining of equipment in a project file.  Want to learn more?  Click Here!

Absolutely, SpecADVISOR® has plenty of fields to track asset & serial numbers, acquisition dates & costs, and useful life & depreciation values.  Further, we can integrate with a host of programs to tie into utilization data and maintenance documentation enabling you to pull together all the information you need to make educated decisions on replacement cycles and capital planning.  You can even search across and access multiple projects or buildings simultaneously without having to constantly reload data.

Yes!  Our SpecSOURCE® product catalog houses over 17,750 items from 3,100 distinct vendors.  These products cover a breadth of categories including laboratory, medical equipment, education, furniture, and ICT.  The catalog continues to grow daily in both total items and categories.
Absolutely!  We understand that every institution is different and has unique processes and procedures.  If you are interested in the basic framework but wish to take it to the next level with added functionality, our talented team of developers can build you a solution to your exact specification.  Contact us today for details!

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