Covid-19 Crisis Support

Published 24 March, 2020
Edited 4 June, 2020

Use SpecAdvisor to help stay on top of equipment and capital expenditure amidst the confusion of a pandemic

Written by The 4-Tower Team

June 4th Update: 4-Tower is no longer offering 6 months of free access. Below is the original post

With the onset of Covid-19 across the United States came a potential for unprecedented hospital workload. At 4-Tower, we understand that this presents a major challenge both for the health of the facility and logistics of treating patients. Couple the virus unknowns with the budget, costs, expenditures, and requirements of equipment relocation and installation, and the additional work quickly mounts. Insert SpecAdvisor.

SpecAdvisor - one system for budgeting, planning, procurement, and asset management. SpecAdvisor can integrate with any external software with a restful API, and can sync drawings in Revit using our 4-Tower SYNC Revit plugin.

4-Tower seeks to play our part in tackling the virus by helping any affected facility in the United States.

Free Access to SpecAdvisor for U.S. Hospitals

We are offering free access to SpecAdvisor for any affected facility for 6 months. Whether you are moving more beds into ICU rooms, constructing temporary tents, or placing equipment into older facilities, we can absolutely help you stay on top of your costs and your inventory.

Use our template ICU rooms to quickly build out a project and get a ballpark about what cost your facility will incur. Plan effectively by quickly copying equipment from room to room, making sure that the right equipment ends up where it needs to be. Report out real-time data using our customizable report engine and share that data with architects, engineers, and executives.

We Are Ready to Start Today

We have built several standard reports to help you with communicating equipment specifications and costs. We can do additional report customization, although this support is limited during this time.

We are able to import facility and project data for you. You will be able to see in real time what the total cost of your capital assets are, and report out needed technical information to any party. Imports are done on a case by case basis and we can do as many as we physically have time to do.

Phone and online support is also available during this time. We understand learning how to use a new software can be challenging despite how user-friendly the software is.

Next Steps for You

If you want to use SpecAdvisor for your facility, you need to contact us. Either use our contact us page or call us directly at (346) 226-4444. Alternatively, you can email or

Don't hesitate to contact us and get started. We want to assist you as best we can during this crisis, and make sure you are able to keep prioritizing patient care.

May God be with you and your organization.

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